quicky Internet Negotiation

Yesterday, I found some minor errors on a great website yesterday. I quickly emailed the “contact us” link and detailed how to improve. Then, I asked for an account upgrade, which I was granted.


Lessons: 1) Don’t give anything away without asking for something in return. 2) Trade 1s (easy email) for 10s (account access) 3) Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst you can get is a “No.” 4) Ask for more than you expect to receive  


Notice how I earned respect by being cheeky. I suspect I also earned respect for my well cited, easy to read email. 


Today, I’ll spend all day on the site…. and probably email him some more free Quality Assurance work. 


Super GMAT prep internet site : PrepForTests.com


Joel’s response pasted below:  

Thanks very much for informing me about the errors in the tutorials. I’ve fixed both of these but if you spot any more or have any other suggestions for improvements please do get in touch.I’ve given your account unlimited question access (I enjoyed your cheek in asking)Best of luck with your GMAT and I hope you find our site useful


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